11 Best Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

If you love using Amazon gift cards for your expenses then you’ll be glad to know that there are easy ways to earn Amazon gift cards.With a free Amazon gift card, you can make purchases for gifts on any time of the year.

Whether it’s a gift for Christmas, birthday, or any event along with items used at home and in the office, you can purchase them conveniently with an Amazon gift card. The best thing about these cards is that they’re easy to earn and they can be used for almost any kind of purchase.

Of course owning these cards definitely won’t make you any richer however it really helps a lot in keeping your budget more manageable on every purchase.
A good way to start your venture into earning Amazon gift cards is to register to as many accounts possible. This is for the reason that points or rewards may be limited per month to one account. So, if you own a good number of accounts you will be able to accumulate a good number of rewards as well. Signing up for these cards won’t be the same as signing up for a credit or debit card. Registration is quick and effortless.

Without further ado, here are 11 proven and effective ways on how you can earn free Amazon gift cards!

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Free Amazon Gift Cards

11 Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

1. Swagbucks Surveys

If you’re looking for free Amazon gift cards without having to do much work then Swagbucks is a good place to start. Swagbucks offers the opportunity to earn points through answering surveys, from browsing through the Swagbucks search engine, and many other opportunities.

Points are essential in Swagbucks because it is one quick way to earn Amazon gift cards without doing much and without spending anything.
For free $5 points on Swagbucks, simply follow this registration link.

2. Prize Rebel Surveys

Another great place to start earning your Amazon gift cards is through Prize Rebel. Prize Rebel, just like other survey websites lets users earn points and money by simply answering surveys. Interesting enough, the company as given away $10M cash and points to survey takers since 2007 thus it is a guaranteed way to earn points and rewards for an Amazon gift card.

3. Amazon Junkie Surveys

Earn Amazon Free Gift CardsAnswering surveys are among the easiest ways to earn money and gift cards nowadays. To add to the earlier mentioned

survey websites, you can also log on to Survey Junkie if you want to earn Amazon gift cards by merely answering surveys.

4. Harris Poll Online Surveys

What people think is actually valuable for many companies which is why they offer paid surveys. One of which companies that also offer a good amount of cash and points from surveys is Harris Poll Online. By simply answering surveys, users get to earn points which can be redeemed for rewards and gift cards such as Amazon gift cards.

Here’s a quick link for the Harris Poll Online sign up form.

5. Inbox Dollars Online Shopping

There is just so many ways to earn free money online and one of the best places to do so is on Inbox Dollars. Inbox Dollars allow users to earn money, points and gift cards by simply answering surveys, shopping online, using specific search engines, playing online games, and many others. For fresh users, they immediately get a $5 bonus on their account upon registration.

6. Ibotta Receipts

Who knew you could also earn free money by simply submitting your receipts? This is definitely possible with Ibotta! Ibotta is a mobile tech company that allows users to earn points and cash through receipt verification. As well, users can take advantage of rebates from 230 named store outlets.

Either you want to earn money, points, Starbucks points, Amazon gift cards, or others, you can find it with the Ibotta app.

7. MyPoints Tasks

Shopping online could also earn you points to redeem Amazon gift cards. This can be achieved by accomplishing tasks from MyPoints. Tasks that could earn you points include making online purchases, playing online games, shopping at specified outlets, and many others.

8. American Consumer Opinion Surveys

Amazon Gift CardsIf you love the idea of earning points through Surveys then American Consumer Opinion surveys should also be on your bucket list. It’s a free online survey company that offers surveys in exchange of points usable for earning Amazon gift cards. They usually pay through Paypal and check however survey takers are also given the option to cash out through Amazon gift cards.

Here’s a quick link to the sign-up page for American Consumer Opinion. 

9. Opinion Outpost

If you have a knack on voicing out your opinion online then why not also try making money out of it? Opinion Outpost lets you earn cash and points while sharing opinion over various subjects.

10. Amazon Trade-In

How about trading your used items for gift cards? One way to do so is on Amazon Trade-In. Simply trade any item whether used or new such as mobile devices, books, cameras, game consoles, and various other items that are worthy of being traded.

The best things about trading in Amazon Trade-In are the immediate transactions along with the free shipping and impressive quality of items being traded.

11. Product Report Card

Another great way to earn Amazon gift cards by taking online surveys is through Product Report Card. Simply create your own account and earn points and rewards redeemable for gift cards like Amazon gift card.

Will You try to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards?

Do you think these websites are worth giving a try? Or do you have other ideas on how to earn free Amazon gift cards? Let us know on the comment box below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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