Artlist Review - Royalty-Free Stock Music

Are you looking for royalty-free stock music for your next project? Look no more because Artlist is the right software for you. Artlist is a royalty-free music library with over 12,000 tracks. In this Artlist review, you’ll see all the features of this platform and how it can help your business grow.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is Artlist?

As a royalty-free music library, there are a lot of music and sound effect options for you. In fact, there are over 12,000 tracks, and 150 new tracks are being added every month. In addition, Artlist gives you the freedom to use these tracks on any video content that you may have. 

Like any other music library in the market, Artlist lets you use them in any video project. However, what sets Artlist from the rest is that it allows you to have it for personal and commercial use. Whether you’re listening for pleasure or commercial use, Artlist won’t charge you more.

You can also have unlimited subscribers, while other companies will charge you if you have a thousand subscribers. You also have unlimited downloads. If you download these tracks, you can have the license to use them forever.

Licensing your music is essential because you can monetize your music if it’s licensed. For instance, if somebody else used your music for creating videos, you can monetize them since you have the original license. You’ll need to put the music in your shopping cart and download it to get this license.

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Artlist Features

Artlist’s features revolve around its different types of music options. From lofi to pop, you can have all types of music with Artlist. Here’s an in-depth description of each of these options.

Music Selection

Artlist’s interface looks like Spotify with its dark background and yellow accent. Like Spotify, you can browse through the music available on this platform, and you can use this music for personal or commercial use.

Whatever the reason, Artlist’s music is compatible with any software, and you can also use this on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, your website, or anywhere you want. Aside from that, you can also select the mood, theme, or genre of the music you’re looking for.


If you want to look for a specific type or category of music, the Artlist’s Spotlight feature can do the trick for you. Here, you can see different music and sound effects collections such as New Releases, Christmas music, TikTok music, and many more.

In addition, you can also look for music or sound effects by artists, albums, featured videos, and many more. It’s an easy way for you to look for background music consistent with your brand.

Sound Effects

If you’re looking for background music or any sound effect, Artlist also has a lot of options for you. These sound effects range from whooshes and transitions, thunder sounds, transportations, science fiction, and many more. 

By experience, it’s tough to find the right sound effect that will make your video special. With over a thousand options, Artlist has all the sound effects that you’ll ever need.

Artlist Pricing

Artlist has three pricing plans, namely Music+SFX, Music, and SFX; all are billed yearly. The Music plan costs $199.00/year ($16.60/month), and you’ll get access to unlimited music with universal licenses. In addition, you can have unlimited downloads, lifetime use, and other new music every day.

The SFX plan costs $149.00/yearly ($12.41/month). With this plan, you have unlimited SFX with universal licenses. You also have unlimited downloads and projects and a new SFX every week. 

The Music+SFX plan combines unlimited music and sound effects at $299.00/yearly ($25.00/month). All the music and sound effects also have universal licenses, plus you have unlimited downloads and projects. Like the other premium plans, new music and SFX are added every day.

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Artlist Final Verdict

Overall, Artlist is an excellent source of royalty-free stock music that you can use for your videos and projects. As mentioned, the company won’t charge you even if you’re using Artlist for leisure only. However, considering its price range, Artlist is worth the try.

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Artlist Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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